Our Approach

Key West Network is a humble attempt to assemble in one place as much information about Key West as possible.  The information you find here is not paid advertising.  It is quite simply a space we have created to share as much information as possible, for locals and visitors alike.

Our Story

Our website is intended as a portal, a nexus point if you will, to a myriad of references and resources about Key West.  With so many many websites, social media personalities, publications, and groups out there, it is a bit difficult to get an overall view - and we want to make that a bit easier.

The goal is to provide a places where you can easily find resources, in particular ones that aren't paying to appear higher with the search engines.  Whether that can be done remains to be seen.

We intend this site to be free for use, and we will not be soliciting fees or advertising revenue to feature listings.  We intend to gather much of the information from what is already available on the internet.